The office is centrally heated and cooled with a Heat Pump to normal office temperatures of 70-73 degrees. All electrical usage as well as heating and cooling is provided by the Owner and is included in the rental rates. This includes all offices 302 thru 309 and the restrooms.

Heat Pump:

Units heated with a Heat Pump are also cooled. Units 201 and 202 have an individual thermostat and the settings are controlled by the Tenant. Units 411, 412, 413 and 414 also heated and cooled, but only to storage temperatures, normally heated to 60 degrees and cooled to 80 degrees. These settings are preset. The heating and cooling is provided by the Owner.


These heaters are operated by LP gas and are located near the ceiling. This very good heating system actually heats the unit and items in the unit by radiant heat and that in turn heats the air. Each unit has its own thermostat and can be controlled by the Tenant. It is NOT required that you use this heat at all. It is totally up to you to make that decision, based on your needs. Again, they are operated by LP gas and are individually metered. The Tenant will be invoiced on a monthly basis for the fuel used at an actual cost basis. This will vary month to month depending on the then prevailing rates, but in no case will the fuel be marked up whatsoever.

Forced Air:

These heaters use a fan with either electric or LP gas heater.

T.B.I. = To Be Installed:

We are in the processing of retrofitting Units 203 thru 216 for radiant heaters (description shown above). If you rent one of these units and have a need for heating, that particular unit can be place at the front of our list and can normally be connected in a very short period of time. Please let us know if you have a need.