Two entrances, one off Old Plantation Drive and one off Fastner Drive at opposite ends of the property.

Newly paved drive and parking area.

Well lighted.

Access 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Heated units (more detail).

Security system available in each unit.

Dumpster available (extra cost).

Very high ceilings from 12 feet minimum up to greater than 20 feet.

Fire protected.  This system not only alerts you by sounding an alarm, it also calls the fire department and tells them what section or unit has the alarm condition.

Overhead doors with electric openers.  You can even rent a remote for your vehicle.

Walk thru doors, so you don’t have to open the large door unless needed.

All locks are master controlled, and changed between Tenants.

All units have electricity furnished for lighting and operation of the overhear door.  All units have receptacles in place for other electrical needs.  Depending on the use a recovery of cost charge for the power used.  (Except for Offices wherein all power is furnished).

Telephone ready.  Units 201-216 have regular telephone lines available.  Units 301-420 have Cat-5 lines for a wide variety of communication applications.

Other electrical needs.  These buildings are equipped with electrical conduit so most special needs for electrical appliances can be accommodated.  (Sorry, no 3 phase power is available).

For your protection, the keys cannot be duplicated.